The Designer






Magdalena Mieszkowska was born in Poland, where as a young girl, her dreams took on new shapes every day. Her insatiable wanderlust took her to London where she studied Graphic Design & Advertising and then onto Paris, where she now lives and produces her art.

Her work is extension of her personality: brazen and bold. Characterized by the embroidered works of her imagination, she imbues her creations with a positive energy, sublimating her impulses into a fusion of colour and ecstasy. The exuberant colours used in her illustrations are joyful and playful. There is a hidded watchfulness in these designs that brings them to life wherever they are placed. It is a celebration of life that colours these eccentric landscapes, in all it's myriad shapes and forms. Her aim? To elevate our consciousness into meditating upon a whole new gender, to deconstruct our notion of self, to free our minds.

The silk collection is a continuity of her artistic vision, that culminated in creating her own brand MAGDALENA MIESZKOWSKA. Like a canvas for an artist the silk twill is a perfect medium to transform Magalena's designs into something more sensual, feminine - a luxurious accessory that denotes timeless elegance and effortless sophistication. With background in Fine Art, Magdalena's designs are all hand-drawn and then conceptualised in her office in Paris before being send for the production in Italy. The ‘carré’ of Magdalena is not just a simple fashion accessory, it embodies the idea of wearing a piece of art whenever you want it. It flirts with our desire to stand out and to walk through your life with no fear.