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Olivia Palermo #STYLEREPORT

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Magdalena Mieszkowska

I don’t know about you but for me when ever the sun is out and the weather is nice and warm I get this feeling like I want to dress up, add more colours or just accessorise a lil’ bit more then usual.

My everyday style is very casual, I’m almost all the time in baskets, jeans and white t-shirt with maybe a cardigan or sweatshirt … and to be honest apart from my rings I’m not very into accessories. And then when it’s getting warmer I get this overwhelming feeling of happiness and lightness – it’s hard to explain cos I do actually SMELL summer I can just feel it, the air smells differently and there is something going on and that gives me this need to ‘pump it up a bit’ 😉

And as I’m not very into accessories I love to wear scarves during the summer, I actually much more prefer to wear them during the summer then winter !!! There is just so many ways to wear them, so many different kind of scarves that the only limit is our imagination. But I do also realise that we have sometimes problems with imagination … I mean at 7 a.m we are not that eager to look for a cool way to bow your scarf somewhere. And thats ok girls ! That’s why I’m here 🙂 to help you with that and to maybe inspire you with something, who knows !

For me the most inspirational is Olivia Palermo, and I think all of you will agree with me ! Not that she is the only one wearing scarves but hell yeah she is like the only one that wears so many of them and in so many different ways ! And looking so casual… as if she didn’t even put a thought into it.

So I made a quick selection of my fav ways to wear them at this time of the year, we are between spring and summer and we are still surprised from time to time with really cold days or a bit chilly evenings.

The first one (I’m sure there is some kind of a fashionable name for it that I’m not aware of yet 😉 ) is the ‘BELT THE SCARF’ (it’s a name I just invented).



That’s one of my fav cos its so simple to do and you can belt your scarf with a long dress for a boho look or a short one just to add a bit of colour you can do that with trousers, shorts, skirts, I was also thinking it could be great to try with swimming suit just when you go to the restaurant on the beach and don’t want to dress up but neither go half naked…  So many ways to wear it and for any occasion really.

So that was my second favourite. But my favourite way is on the head (that you can work out checking my Instagram), I do it very often especially during the summer and spring, and personally I find it ultra chic, I mean depending on what you are wearing it can be chic, boho, gypsy a lil’ bit 😉 It fits everyone and its such a beautiful way to add something extra to your look.





The last way of wearing scarves I’m going to mention here is on your shoulders. We all know it and seen it many times but more as an evening accessory to cover shoulders of an evening dress – here I want to show you more casual / everyday kind of way of doing it, and it can be quite refreshing.

And it shouldn’t come as surprise to you – Olivia Palermo already tried it on many occasions and she rocked it !








That would be it for today. I hope I gave you few good ideas, if you are not sure how / when / which scarf, just keep trying until you feel good and until it looks good, and there is no better time to try and experiment than week-end !

I’m personally gonna try to open up a bit more on new ideas and will keep you updated with the results !!!

Have fun!



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