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Organic Fabrics

Mulberry fields
Bombix Mori silk worms cocoons

Organic & Environmentally sustainable fabrics


What is Organic Silk?

Organic silk is environmentally friendly and socially responsible throughout the whole production process: the GOTS certification of our fabrics stems from the complete certification of the entire production chain of our silks: from the yarns we use (including the organic cultivation of the mulberry trees, the various stages of the silk worm breeding, the spinning and twisting of the yarn), to the production within our Mill, to the final phase of the dyeing and finishing of the fabric, all processes must comply with agreed social criteria in order to earn the label of “Organic Silk”.

In particular:

  • YARN: GOTS certified yarn is environmentally sustainable and of the “Mulberry” type, a name that comes from the plant on which the “Bombix Mori” silk worm feeds. Our silk is sourced from the area of the Province of Sichuan, near Jiangyou, in an area at 500m above the sea level located east of the Himalayas. The main feature that differentiates the traditional silk yarn from the Organic Silk is the dynamic cultivation method and the feeding of the silk worms. This, in addition to preserving and improving the conditions of the environment in a sustainable way, takes place without the use of any harmful substances (e.g Insecticides and pesticides).
  • WEAVING: also the waving process takes place without the use of any chemical substances, with the only exception of the oils, accepted by the GOTS certification authority, which are used for the lubrication of the weaving looms.
  • DYEING: our raw fabrics are then boiled off, dyed and finished according to strict GOTS environmental and toxicological criteria. In fact, we use only those substances and those eco-friendly dyes approved by GOTS certification.

What is Organic Wool?

Organic wool yarn is wool that is from sheep that have not been exposed to chemicals like pesticides and are kept in humane and good farm conditions.

Social Responsibilities

The company that provides the factory with organic silk yarns since its establishment has always taken the social responsibility as the basis of company development, which passed the inspections of EU certification and foreign third party organization:

  • No bounded labor
  • No discrimination
  • No child labour
  • Freedom of association
  • A living wage
  • Reasonable hours of work
  • Safe conditions of work
  • A legal contract

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